Stories From Zambia


In Kambani Village of Chief Mafuta’s Chiefdom lives Veles Tembo. She is a farmer whose goal is to have enough cattle to pull a plow so that farming is easier and more viable. The biggest challenge she faces is poverty.

She laments that the water problem is huge and it has persisted for a long time. She says they use water from a hand dug shallow well.

The water is dirty which makes diarrhea highly prevalent in the village.

Her happiest moment was when one of her children passed his grade seven exam. However, her saddest moments of life are when she is not in harmony with her neighbors.

There are 21 households holding more than 205 people in her village.

Name: Veles Tembo
Age: 33
Location: Kambani Village, Chief Mafuta, Eastern Province of Zambia
GPS: S 13 26.1′, E032 42.0′

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