Steadman Village – Day 1


This week, we want to profile a village that we are going to be giving water this year, along with the story of the donors that are going to provide the money for safe, clean water. This is Steadman Village:


Steadman Village is a relatively large village of 650 people. They have a primary school (grades 1-6) located within the village. It hosts children from all the surrounding villages as well. They currently drink water from a hand-dug holes 15-20 feet deep. The main water source is about 1.5 kilometers (more than 1 mile) from the school and village center. The kids at the school have to drink the same water.

This video shows a little of how they collect water. This will all change later this year when we give safe, clean water to the village! The money for the new borehole (deep-water well) was provided by a Fourth Grade class from a school in Tennessee. We’ll give more information on them tomorrow.