October Updates from Choose Water!

New beginnings and incredible results:

Opening a Choose Water office space in Chipata, Zambia is a strategic move that will greatly enhance effectiveness in the Eastern Province. Most of our efforts are located in that region, giving us a central hub from which to operate.

While Choose Water is doing work all across Zambia, this new space is EXCITING because our support staff has a place to meet and game plan that is central to where the most work is being done. This will also serve as a space for editing and producing content so that Well Sponsors can correspond with their village through videos more easily.

We leased this space knowing it would be a fixer-upper, but that means we can keep putting the majority of our funds into building wells, and with a little elbow grease we’re making huge progress on the space.

We are still trying to acquire basic needs such as office supplies and decent furniture, but the needs of the villagers of Zambia always come first. So we’re just grateful to be able to call this new office “ours” and give everyone a central meeting point.

Before & After Images!